Lights! Camera! Access! spotlights increased disability employment, improved portrayals, and enhanced accessible entertainment (captions and audio descriptions) across six delivery platforms: TV, movies, advertising, news, theatre and web-based/interactive. The LCA2.0 Career Exploration Summits are designed to bring together established and aspiring media professionals. Each Summit includes resume reviews, speed interviews, flash mentoring, workshops and panels.

The objectives of this Lights! Camera! Access! Mentoring Circle is to provide content for LCA Summit participants to continue learning. We want to support our participants through creating a community for connection and mentorship, and host spotlight mentors who share and empower participants with their experience and advice. Through this program, we assist our members in creating new strategies to discover and access work in the media sectors.

  • The Lights! Camera! Access! Online Mentoring Circle kicks off with an introduction to the format and materials that members will be exposed to throughout the program.As an extension of the LCA Career Exploration Summits, aspiring filmmakers, storytellers, and media professionals can build on the strategies and connections gained from our seminar program.

    Derek Shields/ President of ForwardWorks

  • Your collection of work speaks for you, defining not only what you've done, but representing your capabilities and all you CAN do. This seminar focuses on building a clear and unique visual voice that communicates your identity and is as dynamic and expansive as you are.

    Jd Michaels / partner+creative engineer @ michaels.adams.

  • Barbara Butz from PolicyWorks and Steve Allen from the Capstone Consulting Group work to assist young people in the disability community connect to jobs and careers and build independent lives. Together they discuss disclosure of your disability and presenting yourself in your best and most authentic light.

    Barbara Butz / President of PolicyWorks

    Steve Allen / President of Capstone Consulting Group

  • Xian Horn is a teacher and speaker who is invested in contributing positively to our concept of self-esteem and dignity. Xian has been featured by NPR, Forbes, Fast Company, NBC News, but she joins us for an exclusive chat about creating your own positive opportunities and learning to recognize those around you.

    Xian Horn / Advocate, Teacher, Speaker, Writer

  • An international disability rights activist who worked for the Obama administration at the State Department, Judy Heumann also helped found the Independent Living Movement and was an essential champion of the ADA. Here, Judy offers strategies to ensure authentic disability voices are included in journalism, media, and history.

    Judy Heumann / International Disability Rights Leader

  • Christina Mills, is the Executive Director of the California Foundation for Independent Living A passionate advocate, activist who identifies as disabled and proud, Christina shares her experience and advice concerning the power of community and how it impacts the experience of living on one's own.

    Christina Mills / Executive Director - California Foundation for Independent Living Centers